Hello All, and thanks for following me. Todays topic is Floating Villages

Here in Cambodia, we have officially entered the wet season. It begins sometime during May and runs through October. The day generally begins with a clear blue sky but by mid-afternoon the storm clouds continue to build resulting in a late afternoon or evening rain complete with wind, lightning and thunder. The rainy season is a welcome relief to the punishingly hot dry weather of March, April and May. This year April was so hot that there were days that I only left the house during the hours of 10 to 4 if it was absolutely necessary. Cambodia produces electric from hydroelectric off the Mekong River. This year the Mekong was so low that the government shut off power during the day in an effort to conserve. Temperatures soared well over 100 degrees without even a fan to cool you off.

Now that the rains are here, rice fields will fill up along with the rivers and lakes. Tonle Sap in Cambodia is the largest fresh water lake in SE Asia. There are communities along the shore that use the lake for income. However, as the lake level rises from the rain the surrounding areas become flooded. These pictures are of a floating village. It may not look one now but all these homes and shops are built on stilts because it won’t be long before this road will be under a considerable amount of water for a large part of the year.  I tried to touch the high-water mark on a pole but it was way out of my reach. The only form of transportation in and out of this village will be on boat.  I tried to capture how high some of these homes are built in the trees with wooden walkways between them.  It was a fascinating look at a very different lifestyle.

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