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Apr 4, 2017

Chiro visit

Neck pain, headaches x 3days, hip discomfort. After my adjustment yesterday no headache today and my hips and low back do not hurt. Thanx Jim

  • t.w. – Customer since September 2010


Mar 31, 2017

The Complete Chiropractor

Jim Rizzo is a wonderful chiropractor. He combines his thorough knowledge with an intuitive sense that I’ve never met in another practitioner. I trust Jim completely for his honesty, his thoroughness, his skill, and his humanity.

  • Eric Bass – Customer since April 2014


Mar 17, 2017


Once again Jim comes through with stellar work. I can sleep at night without tossing and turning, finally out of discomfort and pain. Thank you Jim.

  • Neil H – Customer since June 2015


Mar 7, 2017

Always feel better

Jim is great at what he does and always manages to make me feel so much better when I leave..Thank you!

  • Jennifer K – Customer since August 2016


Mar 1, 2017


No matter how much I try to destroy my body, Jim manages to get it back into working order! Am so grateful for his expertise and work.

  • Sondre (Sandy) M – Customer since December 2013


Feb 1, 2017

SO accommodating

I was in crisis mode and Jim made a point to get me in and take care of me even though I was a new patient. His work gave me tremendous relief!

  • J.R. – Customer since January 2017


Jan 11, 2017

Real healing

Dr Rizzo cares. He hones right in on what your issues are and makes appropriate adjustments and manipulations. I’ve been to some chiropractors that make gratuitous and showy adjustments without ever really giving relief from pain or corrections that lead to healing. Dr Rizzo is the real deal. He is thoughtful in the methods that he choses to use, to answer your particular dilemma.

  • Laura W – Customer since April 2012


Jan 3, 2017

Freedom From Pain

I have been going to chiropractors since I was 29 years old. Since I have lived and traveled to 39 states, east to west coast, I have met other doctors in this field. Jim is a wonderful person, very bright and thoughtful. When I go there, I know he will deal with my problem and it will get taken care of. He is the best in his field, I only wish others could meet and know him as a friend and physician. I just brought an 81 yr old man to him who had pain for 3 months and is now pain free.

  • Carolyn Deyo – Customer since March 2013


Nov 25, 2016

The best

Jim is a wonderful doctor as well as being a lovely person. Thank you Jim.I have been seeing Jim for many years. He is the best Chiropratic doctor.

  • Richard Nebbett – Customer since April 2013


Nov 19, 2016

Lucky us

Dr Rizzo is tremendously gifted. He’s a tissue/muscle Whisperer. I like being able to book an appt on-line.

  • Christina Jennings – Customer since October 2014



Nov 3, 2016

I came in with shoulder pain (rotor cuff muscle group) and Jim worked on it thoroughly–walked out feeling much better. He also gave my lower back and neck muscles a nice tune-up, Best chiropractor I ever had in my 73 years…

  • bob townsend – Customer since March 2013


Oct 28, 2016

1st visit with Dr. Rizzo

Precise neck adjustment on my very 1st visit. Good and easy discussion on what I need to do to stay highly functional moving forward. Definitely heading back in to see Him again.

  • Marc Dumont – Customer since July 2015


Sep 21, 2016

pain relief

Always pleased with his service. Patient for the past 10 years. Always feel better after a visit. Grateful for his practice and abilities.

  • David Jaacks – Customer since October 2013


Sep 15, 2016

excels in knowledge and skill

Jim works with skeletal alignment, and with, what I have found invaluable, soft tissue and soft tissue release. I see him in place of a physical therapist. He helps me with stretches and exercises to help keep any skeletal adjustments in place. Couldn’t be a nicer, more gentle practitioner.

  • Randi Z – Customer since March 2009


Sep 7, 2016


I have seen Jim for about years he’s awesome, if you are looking for a good chiropractor you found him,

  • Dennis Squires – Customer since May 2016


Aug 23, 2016

The best!

For many many months I had pain near my lower back. I attributed this to arthritis. I mentioned it to my Rheumatologist as I was thinking that it would probably be my downfall. He asked if I wanted an x-ray and I said no, thinking I would go to a chiropractor first. I’m glad I made that decision. Dr. Rizzo helped me immensely. After five or six adjustments I now can sleep through the night and have very little to no pain. Thanks to Dr. Rizzo, he’s the best!. I love his dog Millie, too!

  • Carol H – Customer since June 2016


Aug 12, 2016

A talented healer.

Dr. Rizzo did a wonderful job adjusting me. I am on holiday from Florida and found difficult to find a Chiropractor that would take me in quickly and reasonably considering I have my own NEO reports.

  • Janet Phillips – Customer since August 2016


Aug 2, 2016

great chiropractor!

Jim always helps my back or neck feel better. In just a few minutes he finds the problem. Always friendly and hospitable.

  • marcey getty – Customer since May 2013


Jul 29, 2016

Consistent, complete chiropractic care

Have enjoyed many years of excellent chiropractic care from Jim–always seems to find solutions to any joint problems I may be experiencing. Also provides wonderful nutrition and other health-related advice to our family. We’re lucky to have Jim in this area–so glad he didn’t relocate elsewhere!

  • Bob Townsend – Customer since March 2013


Jul 26, 2016

Feeling great

I was having pain in lower back and hip which was also interrupting my sleep. After my first visit and adjustment I was immediately much more comfortable. Thank you!

  • Eva C – Customer since June 2013


Jul 21, 2016

Fantastic Adjustment

Another fantastic adjustment from Dr. Rizzo, I feel like a human again. I no longer have range of motion issues or trouble falling asleep. Thanks!

  • Adam K – Customer since July 2016


Jul 19, 2016

Would Recommend Him to Anybody!

I started seeing Jim about a year ago and I still do. He is fantastic. Every time I leave there I make the comment, “wow he knows just where it hurts, I swear he’s magic!” Because seriously, he really does. He doesn’t need a machine, he uses his hands. I always feel excellent when I leave there and refreshed. I would recommend Jim to anybody! 🙂

  • Jaymee J – Customer since July 2015


Jul 15, 2016


Why, why, why did I not make my appointment with Jim sooner?!?!?!?! He is amazing! Thank you!!!!!!!

  • Wendi Germain – Customer since July 2013


Jun 29, 2016

Thank you, Jim!

Jim again worked with skill and compassion. I so appreciate his confidence, humility, and competence. I heartily recommend him.

  • Ronald BosLun – Customer since March 2015


Jun 25, 2016

Professional and Precise

I’m never been disappointed by the effective work of Dr. Rizzo. He’s able to find the issues and repair them quickly and precisely. His assistant Miss Molly (golden retriever) is a bonus to the therapy, so gentle and sensitive! I’m grateful for this professional practice and have recommended it to many.

  • Mona Frye – Customer since April 2014


Jun 7, 2016


Friendly, attentive to my specific issues and quickly and gently addressed the parts of my body that were out of whack.

  • Gail H – Customer since May 2012


Jun 7, 2016

Great job

I always seem to tweak my back at least once a year. He fixes it every time. I will continue to go to him when needed.

  • Jason Stearns – Customer since March 2013


Jun 7, 2016

Very Professional

I really like the way Jim works on my back and neck. I always feel better when I leave the visit. I also appreciate that he leaves the decision to return or not up to me rather than just scheduling another visit.

  • Robert A – Customer since May 2016


May 19, 2016

Great Chiropractor!

I always feel better after Jim is through with my adjustment. He has addressed issues with my jaw, hip pain, shoulder restriction, and more general problems with great results. And I appreciate his attention to cranial work each visit.

  • Willow Bascom – Customer since April 2015


Apr 29, 2016

Gentle, yet effective for an older person

I am an elderly woman. I found he listened to what I had to say and was very helpful and gentle to my needs. I felt better right away.

  • Elizabeth Winham – Customer since April 2016


Apr 14, 2016

Thorough and knowledgeable

Dr. Rizzo listened attentively. He verified the information with testing. He adjusted with a combination of movements, pressure, and blocking. I highly recommend him.

  • Ruth Holleran – Customer since April 2016


Apr 14, 2016


I always recommend Dr Rizzo to everyone that tells me they have issues, nothing else has helped me with my headaches and when I throw out my back like Dr. Rizzo can.

  • Rebecca Mcchesney – Customer since April 2013


Apr 12, 2016


I do recommend Dr Rizzo to friends especially those who prefer “soft” work. He Is able to make adjustments and release tensions w/o “cracking”, something my body reacts badly to. Wonderful!

  • Jennifer Polcari – Customer since January 2016


Apr 8, 2016


  1. Rizzo has been my miracle worker every time i go to him. I fought with headaches daily for years and he has them pretty much under control.
  • tina tittle – Customer since March 2015


Mar 31, 2016


I was completely amazed how Jim was able to find the exact spots that were troubling me. Then he used various techniques to loosen them up so finally when he “cracked” the area it was no longer like an explosion but more like a pop and not at all scary. I used other chiropractors before but none with Jim’s skills and knowledge.

  • Eleonora Dinu – Customer since March 2016


Mar 30, 2016

Immediate Relief Every Time

Dr. Rizzo you have “miracle” hands . I am always impressed and fascinated by your skills . I am confident to walk straight on my way out of your office and relieved of my pain . Thank you for your help Doctor ! So glad you are readily available and still close by . God Bless ,Huguette

  • Huguette Coughlin – Customer since March 2016


Mar 18, 2016

Great chiropractor, wondrful work

I have been seeing Jim Rizzo for a few years. Always hits the pressure points, makes the adjustments and I always feel better than when I went in. He knows what he is doing and I look forward to my next appointment for the neck problems I am having. Thanks, Dr. Rizzo!

  • L.M. – Customer since March 2016


Mar 11, 2016

The best chiropractor around!

I have seen Jim Rizzo a couple of times and highly recommend him. He is laid back, personable, and gets to the root of my back/body issues quickly. He is a gem!

  • J.M. – Customer since January 2016


Feb 17, 2016

Reviewing Dr. Jim Rizzo, DC

My grandmother from Colombia said when people were gifted creating with their hands, they had manos de oro – golden hands. Jim has such hands – skillful, gentle and healing. His adjustments are long-lasting, always guiding my neck, back & shoulders optimally, no matter what my “complaint”. He is extraordinarily gifted in nutritional expertise, kinesiology and also has a golden compassionate heart.

  • Nancy Tierra – Customer since November 2015


Feb 16, 2016


We are fortunate to have Jim Rizzo in our area. He is an excellent caregiver and always listens to his patients.

  • TOM MITCHELL – Customer since April 2013


Feb 10, 2016

Very Professional !

Heard of Dr Rizzo thru my sister in law . Had someone that I saw and loved but needed to see someone fast and closer to home ! What a find ! Professional,kind , personable, informative person ! Highly recommend!

  • Rosemarie Patch – Customer since December 2015


Feb 3, 2016

Excellent service and care.

Dr. Rizzo has been more than accommodating and always provides excellent care. Gentle manipulation, no harsh movements.

  • Linda K – Customer since February 2016


Jan 27, 2016

Good work

Dr. Rizzo provides top notch adjustments and good advice. He also knows a ton about nutrition and eating healthy.

  • Art Steinberg – Customer since October 2013


Jan 13, 2016

Good Help

I have been seeing Jim for several years. He is real good help for an aching back. He sure knows what he is doing.

  • Dick Fellenz – Customer since February 2013


Jan 12, 2016

Top Notch

Jim is very thorough and works on the entire body from top to bottom. He relaxes the muscles and works out the knots which makes a big difference in keeping the body functional. He cares about the patients and makes you feel comfortable during the appt. I highly recommend Jim.

  • Barbara Walsh – Customer since April 2013


Jan 8, 2016

Jim Rizzo

I have years of Chiro experience and Jim is not one of the more common “bone crunchers”. His method is generally more gentle but is capable of working out stubborn problems when necessary. He, also, does muscle work which, in my case, is an important component. I highly recommend him

  • Bob Gagnier – Customer since March 2013


Jan 7, 2016

Jim Rizzo’s work

I have always found Jim helpful, and his way of working allows me to relax into the adjustments he makes because nothing is sudden, painful or scary. He tries to get me into his office as soon as possible when I have an issue. I recommend Jim as a chiropractor.

  • Kate Kelly – Customer since January 2010


Dec 23, 2015

Emergency back issue

I developed a severe back issue over the weekend. Jim responded quickly to my email message and booked me for three appointments to correct the problem. Jim’s service and caring to his patients is the best!

  • Pat Kelley – Customer since December 2015


Dec 22, 2015

Works miracles!!

Went to 4 other Chiropractors before someone told me about Dr. Rizzo. I had been almost 2 years with legs that just didn’t work after a fall off a ladder. legs, neck, back all out. I felt like Humpty Dumpty. 4 others couldn’t put me back together but Dr. Rizzo in just 2 visits got most of me working again. After 4 visits I am doing great. My job requires standing and a lot of walking. THANK YOU!! If you have issues that others can’t fix then I would highly recommend trying Dr. Rizzo .

  • Angie D. – Customer since October 2015


Dec 2, 2015

Staying on the straight and narrow!

I just visited Jim, I had no immediate issues, but wanted a maintenance check up! Always a great feeling to walk tall without pain!

  • Deborah C – Customer since November 2015


Nov 3, 2015

#1 Chiropractor

Over the years I have been to other chiropractors until I started going to Jim Rizzo. He always finds the source of my pain, makes the adjustments I need in a quick and painless way. He is the best and I recommend him to anyone that wants to feel better!!

  • Lorraine French – Customer since April 2013


Nov 3, 2015

star review

Absolutely the BEST chiropractor around, hands down !!! Would and have recommended him to any friends and family !!! Worth the time, trip and drive to see him !!!

  • Julie Goodrich – Customer since November 2013


Oct 29, 2015

I’m always amazed by his wisdom of touch!

When I see Jim he always seems to go to be able to locate the source of whatever the pain may be, and thats saying a lot since I have MS. So for me there’s a bit of a neurological disconnect. I feel he makes that neuromuscular connection for me. Thank you!

  • Kathleen D – Customer since October 2015


Oct 16, 2015

Great help

What a great experience. I had been to my general doctor for back pain and a chiropractor was given as the solution to my problem. Jim’s name was given to me and I looked into booking an appointment. That was the easiest I have ever been able to get an appointment any ware. The online scheduling is outstanding. I will not hesitate to book another appointment when needed.

  • Bryan S – Customer since October 2015


Sep 21, 2015


After many sleep deprived nights Jim comes through once again to relieve a very sore neck and head. Sleeping improved. Thanks Jim.

  • neil h – Customer since June 2015


Sep 15, 2015

Jim Rizzo

I have been going to Jim for at least years now. He is gentle, yet can make my aches go away. Glad he is back in Vermont 🙂

  • Julie Beauchain – Customer since April 2013


Sep 5, 2015

great chiropracter

very experienced with the work he does and wont do anything too cause pain or any discomfort too you and walks you through what he is doing.

  • j.b. – Customer since September 2015


Aug 23, 2015

extraordinaryly knowledgable

Jim is astounding, not only in his depth of body mechanics knowledge, but also in his ability to assess, with the lightest touch, soft tissue and skeleton structural issues. Jim is reassuringly conservative and gradual in the amount of body work he will do in any one appointment. Jim can be trusted.

  • randi z – Customer since March 2009


Aug 14, 2015

Jim Rizzo Chiropractor

Jim Rizzo is a knowledgeable, kind, competent and honest chiropractor.My friends and family agree, he is the one to go to.

  • Nancy Schaefer – Customer since August 2015


Aug 11, 2015

Great Chiropractor

Jim is the best Chiropractor that I’ve ever been to. I always leave feeling better than when I went in. He has a great essence which always makes me feel relaxed.

  • Daniel s – Customer since July 2014


Aug 11, 2015

Good job

Jim always does a professional job. Plesant setting. On time. All in all a good experence. It is always nice to be able to get the treatment needed.

  • Warren C – Customer since August 2015


Aug 10, 2015

Ahhhh, relief

I would recommend any time. Soothing atmosphere and Jim always has a smile when I see him. I always feel better after our sessions. I like the music he plays too 🙂

  • Nicole B – Customer since May 2015


Jul 24, 2015

Loyal – Customer

I have seen a number of chiropractors over the years; however, ever since my first visit with Jim, I have utilized his services exclusively in times when pain relief has become essential. Every office visit has resulted in improvement of the problem I was experiencing at the time. I would certainly recommend him to other folks.

  • S.W. – Customer since July 2015


Jul 14, 2015


another great visit w Jim. always feel better never in pain like I used to feel from others. couldn’t ask for a better. Thank you.

  • t.w. – Customer since September 2010


Jul 8, 2015

excellent service.

One visit and back to recovering from agonizing pain. On time appointment. In and out so to get back to work. Will continue treatment to stay healthy and upright. A+ service.

  • George Dunn – Customer since August 2013


Jun 26, 2015


First treatment from Jim as my regular chiropractor has relocated. Very good. Jim relieved the discomfort I was in and I felt that I have found my new chiropractor!

  • Neil H – Customer since June 2015


Jun 17, 2015

Healing hands

I have recieved treatment from Jim off and on for over years and recommend him highly. He has a soft touch and healing hands.

  • David C – Customer since June 2015


May 29, 2015

Best in the area

Very pleasant person to talk to while he works on you. I always feel better afterward so effective with his methods. Has a huge variety of hours which can accommodate any schedule and even has a greeting dog for his – Customers

  • Dana Burke – Customer since March 2013


May 20, 2015

Glad he’s back!

I went to a different chiropractor when Jim left and I left every single time with a 3-day migraine. I am definitely glad Jim is back, he’s really smart with stomach issues as well and has helped me tremendously!

  • Paige P – Customer since September 2014


May 12, 2015

satisfied patient

So happy to have Mr Rizzo back. After using someone else while Jim was away I finally was able to return back to Mr Rizzo and FINALLY have the relief of my back and neck pain and my headache . Thank you . I highly recommend a visit .

  • C.S. – Customer since May 2013


May 9, 2015


Went to Jim for such pain in my back i couldn’t breathe without shooting pain. He adjusted me for a rib popped out of place. After two weeks of treatment it has now stayed in place And pain free. It was a quick fix every time I went but after 2 weeks of visits it’s better.

  • t.w. – Customer since September 2010


Apr 30, 2015

Quick and Easy…worth your time!

Dr. Rizzo is fantastic. No wait, always on time, and I leave feeling like he’s really helped me. He’s the only Dr. I truly trust 🙂

  • Cheryl-Ann Withrow – Customer since September 2013


Apr 23, 2015

Body wizard

Working with Jim was a great experience! He really understands the body and how it’s all connected. He makes you feel taken care of and confident in his practice.

  • Ben H – Customer since April 2015


Apr 4, 2015

chiropractic know how

Jim is an outstanding man . knows his stuff and your body can tell. Feel great after . takes a day to or 2 to really feel the difference

  • Daniel Aiello – Customer since March 2015


Apr 3, 2015

extraordinary skill

I have been to many different chiropracters over the decades. Jim excels in his breadth of knowlegde and abilty to combine many approaches to body wellness.Jim uses soft tissue manipultion, gentle stretch, as well as skeletal adjustment. He is an excellent listener, hears what you say and proceeds with an educated, holistic approach. I have never been to anyone better, nor can I imagine how a practicioner can be better.

  • randi z – Customer since March 2009


Apr 2, 2015

Excellent health provider

Of all of the doctors I have seen over the years, Jim is One of only a couple who who has helped bring about positive, life altering changes both through nutritional consultation and chiropractic. Thanks so much, Jim.

  • Paula Townsend – Customer since April 2013


Apr 1, 2015

Great Chiropractor!

I am so happy that Jim is coming back! Whenever I have a problem with my neck or migraines he fixes it right away! I am very happy with Jim as my chiropractor!

  • Marcey Getty – Customer since May 2013


Mar 15, 2015

So thankful

I am so happy that Dr. Rizzo has begun seeing clients in Vermont again! He is a super chiropractor and has not stopped learning or refining his techniques in all the years I’ve known him. Multi talented and kind.. We are so lucky to have him here!

  • Ginger W – Customer since April 2014


Dec 24, 2014

Very pleased

I am very grateful to have had Dr. Rizzo as my chiropractor for so many years. He always listened carefully to the issues I had and worked to resolve them and many others. It’s amazing how wonderful you feel when he is done. Many thanks! We will miss you!

  • Pauline B – Customer since June 2013


Dec 9, 2014

Dr. Rizzo Is the Best

I have been going to chiropractors for the past 1years, but none like Dr. Rizzo. In one visit a week, he actually makes a huge and lasting difference in the level of pain I have on a daily basis. He has an uncanny ability to find the exact point of pain and to relieve it. He is a huge part of my personal pain management program. He will certainly be missed. Hurry back soon Dr. Rizzo!

  • Catherine Marino – Customer since March 2013


Dec 4, 2014

Amazing healer

I have known some very good chiropractors, but Jim is the best. You don’t have to tell him where you hurt – he knows. He uses a combination of gentle pressure and very gentle adjustment with an activator (a hand-held device) to coax you back into alignment. I always very more energetic when I leave him. I would recommend him to anyone, even those who doubt or are wary of alternative treatments. He has helped me immensely. Good luck, Jim. I hope to see you back here one day!

  • Barbara Rodgers – Customer since March 2013


Dec 4, 2014

Very satisfied

I have gone to chiropractors now and then for years and never thought they helped all that much. But Jim Rizzo is different. He is gentle, not at all like some of the rough chiropractors I’ve known in the past. He has helped me a lot. I look forward to going to him because I always know I’ll feel better when he’s finished. I am very sorry that he is moving his practice out of state

  • Armand Soucy – Customer since March 2013


Dec 2, 2014


If you ever need to see a chiropractor Jim Rizzo is the one to see I have been to a few different ones, but when I found him my looking was over! There are no others like him,he is the best! He has helped me over the years with all my achs and pain. He’s a very caring person, and listens to what you are telling him. He is there in the room the whole time working on your problem, not just putting a heat pad on you and leaving the room, for who knows how long! Good luck to you Jim Rizzo!

  • Dayle Brown – Customer since February 2013


Nov 21, 2014


as usual, when i walked in to see Jim i was in pain and when i left i was relieved and lifted. Thank you Jim!

  • S.M. – Customer since March 2013


Nov 20, 2014


Excellent service. always polite, caring . Scheduling appointments is simple via phone or online. would recommend to everyone needing chiropractor care

  • Charissa S – Customer since May 2013


Oct 17, 2014

absolutely great

Jim worked with me and got me feeling great its been years since I’ve gone to work not sore I would recommend everyone to visit Jim thank you

  • D.F. – Customer since October 2014


Oct 17, 2014


Dr. Rizzo is a wonderful chiropractor. He is thorough, gentle, explains what he finds. You leave feeling good and that the treatment has indeed helped.

  • J.F. – Customer since October 2014


Sep 24, 2014

Wonderful Person

Jim is a real gem. He is honest and truly wonderful Chiropractic. Jim has helped me back from considerable pain and suffering. I would recommend Jim to anyone. He is the best.

  • Richard Nebbett – Customer since April 2013


Sep 23, 2014

Great job!

Jim has done a tremendous job helping me with my back as well as keeping me healthy for my endurance events. Always able to get me in to see him on short notice.

  • Joe Cerniglia – Customer since September 2013


Aug 28, 2014

Highly recommend!

I’m not able to make appointments as frequently as I would like (my schedule not his), but I always feel better after an adjustment from Dr. Rizzo.

  • B.P. – Customer since June 2013


Aug 5, 2014


Jim is a very knowledgeable and skilled Chiropractor. I have been going to him for about 6 years. He takes the time to make sure you get your pain needs taken care of and has always been very helpful and thoughtful.

  • Laura W – Customer since June 2009


Jul 24, 2014

The Best

The Doc is simply the best! I’m an old football player still sacrificing my body on the ole gridiron and the Doc does a great job keeping me in the game! I’ve taken a lot of blows to the head but I can still see how incredibly lucky this area is to have someone of the Docs ability as a resource.

  • Seth Watson – Customer since June 2013

Jul 22, 2014

Skillful and attentive

I think Jim is very good, and I’ve absolutely been helped by him over the years. He is gentle and careful and very knowledgeable.

  • C.M. – Customer since July 2014


Jul 16, 2014

July 16, 2014

Jim is very good. He does a great job and helps at all times. I recommend Jim to others at all times. I also like going on line and setting up an appointment at your convenience. It is great to get the help when in pain. Thanks again.

  • Joan Hathaway – Customer since October 2013


Jul 12, 2014

A chance to get in to Dr Rizzo’s office

is worth every minute spent in the car on a long drive from Nebraska. Thank you, Dr Rizzo, for taking the time to do quality work on the beat up bodies we bring you.

  • Heidi LaClair – Customer since August 2011


Jul 9, 2014

A truly good person

Jim is a true professional. It is wonderful to know that when you are in pain you can schedule an appointment and get relief. Jim is a wonder and I am very pleased to be on his patient list. Keep up the great work Jim.

  • Richard Nebbett – Customer since April 2013


Jun 9, 2014

Dr. Rizzo: A Chiropractic Virtuoso

Jim is a professional who listens and is also highly intuitive. You can make appts. on-line and he’s punctual. He manipulates and cajoles tissue without the proverbial cracking and popping. This is the guy.

  • christina jennings – Customer since July 2013


Jun 6, 2014


Omg I always get results. There is manipulation and stretching which is better for you. Ty Jim for always doing a great job

  • t.w. – Customer since June 2014


Jun 3, 2014

Thank you!!!

Jim is great! I have many musculoskeletal/joint issues and am very heistant when seeking chiropractic care. Jim not only listened, but also was very mindful of being gentle in his work. I feel so much better after seeing him. I definitely will recommend him to anyone!

  • S.A. – Customer since June 2014


May 30, 2014

A truly wonderful person

When you are in pain and need some relief Jim is your Doctor. He is knowledgeable and has a wonderful personality. I would recommend him to anyone. Jim is a the best.

  • Richard Nebbett – Customer since April 2013


May 28, 2014

Expert Chiropractor

If you are in the area you can stop looking, you found your Chiroprator. I would not risk going someplace else if they opened up next door to me.

  • R.A. – Customer since July 2013


May 23, 2014

Chiropractic season

Hi Jim, I am very happy with your treatments. Would highly recommend you! Thanks!! 🙂 Sincerely, Marie Claire LeBlanc

  • Claire LeBlanc – Customer since March 2014


May 2, 2014

Chiropractic session


  • Ginger Wilk – Customer since April 2014


Apr 17, 2014



  • Bob Townsend – Customer since March 2013

Apr 16, 2014

Among the best

Dr. Rizzo has never disappointed me. He knows his work very well, and, once again, he has delivered me from a world of pain. When I last went into his office, I needed a cane to walk the shortest distance; now I have my mobility back. Soon I can resume my exercise regimen. Dr. Rizzo has my highest recommendation.

  • Stephen Seitz – Customer since April 2014


Apr 11, 2014

Treet yourself

Professional, personable, painless and precise in his treatment. Also he has a very friendly receptionist, just love her.

  • Jil Rushford – Customer since April 2014


Apr 8, 2014

Very effective!

Dr. Rizzo has a unique approach that gets results. I have been to several different practitioners: chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncture, etc. Dr. Rizzo gives your body a full work up each and every time. You will leave feeling taken care of. I have left his office each time with immediate results that brought increased pain relief and flexibility over subsequent days.

  • sara l – Customer since April 2014


Apr 8, 2014

best there is for chiropractic

I have been seeing Jim for 8 years or more. I used to go get adjusted and would be in pain for days. Since seeing Jim I never leave in pain and the techniques he uses woks of the targeted areas that cause me pain. When i leave I feel relaxed and pain free. I like he uses manipulation and stretching when he adjusts me it is pain free. Thanx Jim…

  • theresa woolbert – Customer since September 2010


Apr 4, 2014

Excellent chiropractor

I like the mixture of techniques that Jim uses. They are always effective. Also I appreciate that ease with which I can get an appointment with him.

  • Barbara Carey – Customer since April 2014


Mar 16, 2014

Great Doctor and a very nice person

Jim is the very best. A person whom not only shares his terrific skills with us folk but also with the less fortunate among us. A truly terrific Doctor and a very nice person.

  • Richard Nebbett – Customer since April 2013


Feb 10, 2014

Jim is very skilled at fixing many different problems

Over the 9 years I have been seeing Jim he has fixed my foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, sacroiliac pain, shoulder pain and helped relieve my migraines. I move much better now due to work he has done on me and I no longer live with constant pain.

  • Carol Hansen – Customer since June 2013


Jan 23, 2014

Great job

I can move again! Thanks Jim. Maybe a sign outside would be good? I had a little trouble finding the office.

  • Stephanie Stoughton – Customer since September 2009


Dec 6, 2013

Caring and compassionate

Jim is always positive and encouraging. His work is excellent. He is a peaceful person patient person and it shows in his work on my aging, overused body! Always feel relieved when I leave after a treatment. Love the online scheduling too. Thank you Jim!!

  • S.M. – Customer since December 2013


Dec 5, 2013

Very thorough and compassionate

I’m new to the area and new to Jim. I like the on line scheduling. In addition to taking on newbies, he has been available for emergent calls!. Jim takes the time to educate me as we go. It is a great experience.

  • D.D. – Customer since November 2013


Nov 16, 2013


Always happy with an adjustment from Dr. Rizzo. It’s even better now that he brings his dog to the office!

  • Sarah Massucco – Customer since November 2013


Oct 23, 2013

Shoulder issue

Jim helped me with my right shoulder that was sore for a while. I like the fact that Jim works on the muscles as well. I will continue to be a – Customer when needed and refer Jim to my friends.

  • Kathy M – Customer since October 2013


Oct 9, 2013

Very helpful

Jim Rizzo has treated me successfully for many years. I manage to get misaligned and he always straightens me out. I am very thankful for his efforts.

  • David J – Customer since October 2013


Oct 3, 2013

Getting Back on Your Feet

Dr. Rizzo uses the convenience of making appointments online and will get you back on your feet. I’ve been to many chiropractors trying to keep my back in good shape and avoiding surgery now for 20 + years. Jim uses a technique that relaxes muscles prior to adjusting that is much more effective than any other chiro. I’ve visited. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking to get back on your feet in a short period of time.

  • George D – Customer since August 2013



Sep 13, 2013

Excellent Chiropractor

Jim is a very experienced chiropractor. He uses very gentle and effective treatments to relieve pain and discomfort. He always makes me feel better. He provides an overall comprehensive treatment that often includes nutritional advice. He spends the time to get you the relief you need.

  • L.W. – Customer since June 2009


Aug 14, 2013

Excellent Chiropractor

I’ve been going to Jim for a few years and find him to be a great chiropractor. I’ve been to many chiropractors in my lifetime, in many cities/towns, and Jim is a top-notch professional who really knows what he’s doing. In addition to the professional knowledge, Jim is also genuinely there to help you. He doesn’t treat you like just another number, he doesn’t operate like a processing factory and he doesn’t double-book like some places do.

  • Regular – Customer since August 2013


Aug 14, 2013

Highest Recommendation

Dr. Rizzo is, by far, the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen. His treatments yield immediate and lasting results. Truly a gifted healer.

  • Gretchen A – Customer since May 2013


Aug 12, 2013


Jim is the best chiropractor I have visited. He always asks before he starts his treatments. I have visited other chiropractors that just carry out the same treatments every time you visit. Jim is far and away the best in his field. Long may he practice.

  • Richard Nebbett – Customer since April 2013


Aug 9, 2013

Easy Does It

Jim’s treatment is unlike other chiropractors I’ve gone to. It’s more like a deep massage rather than what some do, what I call “jumping on your back”.

  • Dick F – Customer since February 2013


Aug 1, 2013

Skilled Chiro

Jim knows what he is doing, and has helped me knee and back pain that helped me stay active. Plus, you get to meet his dog at the office.

  • R.A. – Customer since July 2013


Jul 20, 2013

Great Chiropractor!

I’ve seen Jim for a variety of issues, low back pain, neck, and most recently a sharp pain in my left foot. I am always happy with Jim’s work, my body always feels better after an appointment with Jim. And it’s so easy to book an appointment! I love booking online. I was able to get an appointment the same day!

  • Cynthia M – Customer since July 2013


Jun 22, 2013

Great for multiple issues

Jim has helped foot pain, sacroiliac issues causing hip and back pain, migraine headaches, back pain, psoas muscle (groin) pain. He works quietly, working on bones, joints & muscles, when the appropriate treatment is just stretching out muscles that is the treatment he provides and knows just which muscles need it.

  • Carol H – Customer since June 2013


May 13, 2013

Jim Rizzo

I no longer have any pain on either side of my lower neck and he told me how to stretch out my entire back to help with this. He also does cranial work on me, which helps to minimize my sinus headaches and teeth clenching at night from daily to occasional occurrences. Then in March of 2013, I also started going to Jim for Nutritional visits. He soon realized that I had a metabolic imbalance and put me on some nutritional supplements to correct this. I highly recommend Jim to everyone.

  • Justine Lakin – Customer since March 2013


Apr 30, 2013


The best thing that I have ever done for my back. I would def recommend him to anyone who needs some work done.

  • Sean W – Customer since April 2013


Apr 29, 2013

– Customer

Jim always makes me feel comfortable. He is very experienced in health and chiropractic care and I love the accountability of his use of muscle testing throughout the care. I’ve been under his care for a couple years now and grateful for his help and instruction.

  • Shelley W – Customer since April 2013


Apr 21, 2013

very helpful. always does a great job.

Jim is very professional. He has always made me feel better after every visit. When I was in need of immediate help he has always been accommodating.

  • Darre Moore – Customer since April 2013


Apr 4, 2013

Jim Rizzo

Jim is truly a magician as he plies his trade. He has eliminated elbow tendinitis in one adjustment, realigned a wrist that I’ve been told is beyond hope, and understands the human body in an unparalleled way. No gimmicks, no tricks, he’s the real deal, and a pleasure to be around. Look no more!

  • Barry S – Customer since November 2009


Apr 1, 2013


I’ve been receiving chiropractic care from Jim for many years. I have tried other chiropractors and PT, without the success I have with Jim. He puts me back together each week so I can continue to work with out pain. He is magical, he finds all the right spots that need adjusting. I would recommend Jim to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

  • Jennifer Garaffa- Customer since March 2013


Mar 24, 2013

chiropractic care

I’ve been recieving chiropractic care for about thirty years now. Jim is the fourth chiropractor I have been to. He is by far the best one I have ever seen. Jim makes adjustments to parts no other chiropractor has ever done before. Sometimes to parts I didn’t know could be adjusted. Lately he has been helping me with the arthritis I’ve developed in my neck. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I strongly recommend Jim to anyone seeking chiropractic help.

  • Will Morin – Customer since March 2013


Mar 21, 2013


Scheduling my appt was very easy. Responses were prompt. i felt very comfortable at my visit and was very pleased with the results

  • Skip M – Customer since March 2013


Mar 10, 2013


I have never been a believer in alternative medicine until I met Dr. Rizzo. The muscular pressure points he works on prior to adjustments is amazing-its like having a massage therapist and a chiro all in 1. It enables him to focus on the spot that’s irritated and “cure” it in 1 or 2 sessions. He has never strung me along for appointments and has always shown me results. The new apt. system is easy and accessible at all times-love it!

  • Penny Williams – Customer since March 2013


Mar 9, 2013

The Best!!!!!!

I’ve been to many other chiropractors, Dr. Rizzo is the BEST!! I’m always referring him to everyone I know that goes to one. Please don’t move any further away! My bones and muscles need you! Thanks for making me feel better!

  • Dayle Brown – Customer since February 2013


Mar 9, 2013


I am fairly new to Dr. Rizzo’s practice and am grateful for his gentleness, strength and wisdom in applying his healing skills. Dr. Rizzo is attentive, sensitive and thoroughly administers a combination of methods unique to each session. His personal style and peaceful demeanor puts visits to his office at a 10 on the scale of professionalism and thorough patient care. If you find your way to this practice, you have surely uncovered a treasure worthy of your attention.

  • Betsy Levine – Customer since February 2013


Feb 5, 2013

Thoughtful, attentive, comprehensive

Dr Jim takes the time to listen, then spends the time it takes to do a good job. I’ve seen many chiropractors over the years and I find his qualities to be rare indeed. I would recommend him to any body as the best chiropractor I’ve ever met. His willingness to do muscle work makes his adjustments so much more effective.

  • Heidi LaClair – Customer since August 2011


Apr 25, 2012

Jim is a Vermont Treasure

I have been relying on Jim for 14 years. A farmer’s body takes lots of abuse. It amazes me how he always gets right to the heart of the problem and seemingly performs a miracle. Before considering a surgical procedure, you should see Jim.

  • paul g – Customer since April 2012


Feb 17, 2011

Top-Notch Care

Jim is an immensely talented, skilled and conscientious healer. I have been treated by him for nearly ten years, and he has never failed to help me. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in pain or discomfort.

  • Matthew S – Customer since April 2010


Dec 8, 2010


I have been seeing Jim for years and he has never let me down. He always fixes whatever happens to be not working right at the time and I recommend him to everyone I know.

  • M. Janiszyn – Customer since December 2010


Oct 5, 2010

the missing piece!

Jim is never content to just work on the symptoms. Why do these problems keep coming back? He is dedicated to getting to the root cause of my aches and pains! Thanks, Jim.

  • Annie Hughes – Customer since October 2010
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